Tap into your life force energy and connect with your potential

What if:

Imagine you had the freedom, the motivation and the power to do exactly what you desire. What would that be?

I found my way back to life after an acutely life-threatening medical situation and a near-death experience in 2018. I discovered new opportunities and new meaning in life. As a transformational-coach and therapist, I now gladly pass on my experiences and knowledge to support people find their strength and positive aspects in themselves, no matter how dire a situation might look. 

I realized that we are all supported by a massive inner force that I refer to as life force. I learned to channel this energy for myself, for healing and guidance. 

Now I'm able to ignite this energy in others. 

My personal story.

I offer:

The wonderful "side effect": cell rejuvenation through increased vibration, regeneration and more vitality!

How does it work?

Get your life force flowing! I provide the energetic support you need. You can feel this and experience changes in your vibration. The head, our brain, takes a break and your perception and feelings take centre stage.

This change allows you to experience connectedness and a chance for inner reorientation and a change of perspective.

You can allow a process to be set in motion that enables you to communicate with your soul again. 

When your process of energetic change is set in motion, decisions can be taken more easily and uncertainty and fears no longer have a foothold.

You can allow yourself to shine anew and tap into your very own soul power.

You can live in inner security, even in these uncertain and constantly changing times.

I support you in opening up to your inner life force, and thus to start to feel rejuvenated and more joyful.


Let me help you find a different perspective - it might energize you and help you focus!


"There are always at least two perspectives for everything in life. 

Together, we can find the one which benefits you and brings you serenity and joy."